Grooming in today's culture is not just a daily morning activity, it is a lifestyle.

Let's put the stigmas aside and talk about caring for our face, beard, and skin.  Traditional Wet Shaving is currently booming in both popularity and also with the various products and services offered by Companies.  

Whether the products are mainstream (Proraso, Alt Innbruck, Harry's) or Artisans creating limited edition, small batch soaps and aftershaves (Phoenix Shaving, Catie's Bubbles, Fine Accoutrements, Soap Commander, RazoRock, Stirling), you are bound to find something that really hooks you in.  The scent profiles are different from what you will see at a major Department Stores, which makes it a little complicated for the average new Wet Shaver coming into the hobby/lifestyle.

There are so many Artisans creating products that are unique, you need some guidance on where to go, what products are popular, who are innovative with their soaps and aftershaves.

At Today's Shave, we'll talk about the latest and past Artisan soaps, aftershaves, brushes, razors and other products offered in today's market.

Your host is Matt Gray, a fan of Traditional Wet Shaving who has returned once again to it after taking some time with the older products to see if there indeed was a difference with how he felt after shaving with Artisan products instead of common store brands.

Today's Shave Podcast will explore the Wet Shaving World and talk to the people behind your shaves. those Artisans, Brush Makers and more.  There are a wide variety of people to get to know in the Community and they all are a fun-loving bunch to talk to.

Matt is just as excited as he was when he started and is eager to share his excitement with all those who are on the fence about joining the "Wet Shaving Community," or those who have been shaving with DE, SE Razors, Custom Brushes & Artisan products for years.  

Join us to discover a new way to show off your face, to give it the care it really deserves.

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Podcast Host

Matthew Gray


I like shaving, absurdist comedy & writing lyrics. Country, Americana, Jazz-Pop are specialties & I have my own unique imprint in everything I create.